Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you find an overview of the frequently asked questions, as well as, solutions for frequently occurring problems.

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Product information

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Product information

How can I use the trial version?
When you install WinSurvey for the first time it runs as 30-days-trial-version. After this trial period you will need an unlock code to work with the program.
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How can I send you my opinion or send requests for new functions in future releases?

We welcome all your suggestions and ideas! Please send them to Our developper staff will take a look at your ideas and integrate them into future releases if possible.
How can I take part in future beta tests?

If you wish to take part in future beta tests please send an email to

Price and purchasing information

How much is WinSurvey?

WinSurvey costs €99. If you wish to order the product go to the ordering page.
Is there separate pricing for educational institutions?

There is no separate pricing for Government or educational institutions.
Can I test WinSurvey before purchasing?

You can download the test version and test it.

Upgrade information

I already have a previous version of WinSurvey. What are my upgrade options?

For more information on our upgrade options refer to the ordering page.
I bought WinSurvey weeks before the new version was released. Do I have to pay the full price for the latest version?

If you bought WinSurvey 60 days before the first release of the latest version you are entitled for a free upgrade. Please send an email including your ordering number to our support team.
Does AceBIT offer cross upgrades (for the products of competitors)?


Support information

Why do I have to register my product?

If you register your product your unlock code is stored to our database. That way we can check the number for you at any time. Registered users also benefit from software offers and are informed about upgrades or updates of the product.
What is the difference between unlock code and activation key?

Please note the following difference between the activation key and the unlock code:

- The unlock code is sent to you after having ordered the software.
- The activation key is requested in the software by clicking the "Request activation key" button.

The unlock code was personally created for you and allows you to unlock your software to full version. Please save your unlock code in safe custody, as it is required for unlocking the software.

The activation key is generated automatically by our server and it is sent to you by email. Please request a new activation key whenever you unlock the software anew. Do not store your activation key as it can be changed at any time.

Please make sure that you have entered the activation key and the unlock code into the corresponding fields when unlocking your software.
I have lost my unlock code, how can I retrieve it?

If you have ordered Hello Engines! and you wish to view your ordering details please contact our customer service. You can also send an email to our support team . Enter your name, address and where applicable the name of your company.
How can I report bugs or errors in the documentation?

If you wish to inform us about bugs or documentation errors or if you wish to send us suggestions or requests for new functions, please send an email to our support team. Our developper staff will review your reports and requests and integrate them into one of the next product releases if necessary.
Where do I get help for WinSurvey?

On the Documentation page you will find tutorials, the complete user help, and manuals in PDF format.
What is the product activation for?

The activation is done during the unlocking process of the freeware or test version. You can perform the activation via the Internet. Only the details you have entered during activation are transmitted to AceBIT. No other information is transmitted.
I don't receive the activation key.

If you are using a proxy server please make sure that it is correctly configured. For more information refer to your help file.

If you are using (Software) firewalls deactivate firewalls, internet security software or others before you start the activation. Or configure them that they do not block internet access for the program.

Please also make sure that the email including the activation key is not deleted by spam filters.
Can I install my copy of WinSurvey on several computers?

Yes you can install WinSurvey on several computers for your own use. However, you are not allowed to hand over your personal licence to third parties.

Technical information

Unable to uninstall WinSurvey.

If you wish to uninstall the application, open the Windows Explorer and delete the file winsurvey.exe in the folder C:\Program Files\AceBIT\WinSurvey. Now you can restart the installation program to deinstall WinSurvey.

My web server does not support PHP or ASP, can I even so publish a survey on my website?

Yes, to do so use the Light response handling methode.

The survey you sent is then processed on our servers. You only need to place the HTML files on your own server.

The results are automatically sent to you by email, and WinSurvey can automatically import them into the database.

Is it possible to customize surveys according to our company design?

Yes, you can customize surveys, as well as the confirmation pages according to your own design and include them in your existing pages.

WinSurvey creates pure HTML files while publishing the survey. You can modify these HTML files as you like.

Is the number of questions that can be added to a survey limited in the full version?

The full version does not have any restrictions.
In the full version you can create as many surveys as you like consisting of an unlimited number of questions.

If you get survey results of different surveys by email, how can you insert these into the right database?

You can import survey results of different surveys from your standard mail client (for example Outlook). WinSurvey will automatically insert these into the right database.

Select "Import responses from default mail client" from the Main Menu.

Is it possible to publish survey results automatically without the use of a MySQL database?

Yes, a scheduler is available for this option.

Using the scheduler you can publish your survey results according to a schedule.

WinSurvey generates an error under Windows 2000 and cannot be started

Please install the current GDI+ on your computer. You can download it for free on the Microsoft website.