WinSurvey: Factsheet

Survey types

  • Online HTML surveys
  • HTML surveys by email
  • Stand-alone computer-aided surveys (interview disk)
  • Printed RTF/plain text surveys
  • Polls for integration into websites

Survey appearance

  • Enhanced HTML templates
  • Images in questions and answers
  • Splitting surveys
  • CSS styles
  • Different character encodings
  • Custom confirmation pages
  • Response validation

Question types

  • Choose one (radio buttons or combo boxes)
  • Choose one and specify
  • Choose all that apply (multiple selection)
  • Choose all that apply and specify
  • Choose one per topic (multiple questions with rank scales)
  • Fill in the blanks (one line per topic)
  • Numerical fill in the blanks
  • Essay questions

Questionnaire design and publishing

  • Easy-to-use HTML WYSIWIG Editor
  • Question preview window
  • Questions, answers, and scales library
  • Add question wizard
  • Add answer wizard
  • Survey Publisher wizard

Collection and management of responses

  • Automatic generation of MS Access or MySQL/MS SQL database for storing responses
  • Light response handling method – AceBIT’s web service redirects responses to your email inbox
  • Professional response handling method – WinSurvey generates scripts for processing responses on your PHP or ASP server
  • Possibility to insert responses directly to an online MySQL database
  • Import responses from a POP3 email server
  • Import responses from a MAPI-compliant email client (MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc)
  • Import responses from WinSurvey interview files
  • Advanced statistics

Participant Manager

  • Maintain database of surveys respondents
  • Import and consolidate answers from several surveys
  • Automatic generation and sending of customized emails
  • Printing labels
  • Printing customized letters
  • Advanced filters for import and selection
  • Integrated RTF/HTML editor

Charts & Analysis

  • Three types of slides – charts, tables and texts
  • Generate presentation wizard
  • Static and live presentations
  • Publish presentation wizard


  • Automatic import of responses from email client
  • Automatic import of responses from POP3 email server
  • Automatic update of static presentations from database
  • Automatic update of online presentations