About AceBIT

AceBIT was founded in 1996 in Reinheim (Germany), at that time named sofTRANS. Since 1998, the company is registered as a limited company (GmbH). In January 2003, the company's name was changed to AceBIT. Since August 2007, AceBIT is based in Darmstadt.

AceBIT is world-wide known for its professional software products which have received numerous awards by the technical press.

Business activities

The AceBIT software products cover a wide field: products like Hello Engines! and Ranking Toolbox appeal to professional webmasters and include everything that is needed for successful website promotion.

The other successful software products like WISE-FTP, Password Depot, AceBackup und WinSurvey can be used for all purposes and top the demanding service of work.

More than 1.000.000 delivered licences reflect the success of AceBIT. AceBIT products are not only in use by many well-known German and international companies but also by numerous small and medium-sized companies, as well as private users.


Click here, if you have ordered one of our software products and wish to view your order data. Do you have any queries regarding the ordering procedure, payment or delivery? Please contact our customer service via e-mail or phone for answers to your questions.

If you have technical queries or problems in connection with one of our software products, please go to our support page. During weekdays, your queries are normally dealt with within 24 hours.

Office Tower
Address: AceBIT GmbH
Rheinstr. 40-42
D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany
Managing Director: Stelios Tsaousidis View Stelios Tsaousidis's profile on LinkedIn
Trade register: Darmstadt District Court, Germany, registration no. HRB 33038
Vat no: DE198971166
Phone: * +49 61 51 136 50-0
Fax: +49 61 51 136 50-20
Email: info@acebit.com (support inquiries)
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