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WinSurvey is a powerful survey software for easily creating, publishing and analyzing surveys.

WinSurvey provides everything you need for creating, sending and analyzing surveys - in one package!

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Design surveys in an easy and fast way.

Send your survey to target groups.

Interpret survey results in a comprehensive way

WinSurvey offers everything you need for conducting a survey - in one software package! Test WinSurvey now 30 days for free and see for yourself!

Highlights of WinSurvey

  • Intuitive creation of surveys with a few mouse clicks
  • Clear mangement of survey results
  • Easy creation of graphic presentations of a survey
  • Efficient publishing of surveys on the Internet
  • Convenient management of survey participants
  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • No programming skills required
  • Creation of polls for very simple integration into websites

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